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Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp

Q.) What is the battery life of the LHB-1000?

High: 12 hours // Low: 33 hours (of usable light)

Q.) How many batteries does the LHB-1000 require?

3x AA batteries

Q.) How do you open the battery box?

The tab to open it is right under the strap that goes over the top of your head. Just pull the tab and it will open. 

Q.) How do you turn it on?

The button is on the top of the head. Press once to turn on. 

Q.) How do you zoom?

Just pull the head of the headlamp out to extend it and zoom. There is no need to rotate the head.

Q.) How do you mount it to a helmet?

You can absolutely mount your headlamp to a helmet. Just see the detailed instructions below.



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