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Reviews - Attics, Basements, Sheds

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So far I have been really pleased with this headlamp, I have a shed with no lights and this really lights the inside up when I am in side looking for something I also have been doing work in my attic and having this bright light and both hands free without having to hold a flashlight really helps.

Martin Bartling | Amazon Review

This thing is awesome. I do a lot of work in attic and crawlspaces. I tossed all those home Depot head lamps I owned and ordered 4 more of these.

Jovanny | Amazon Review

I work above drop ceilings and in attics and crawl spacespulling cable and installing cameras and security systems, this lamp is far and away the most powerful and best lamp I have found! The weight is slight enough for a full days work with no discomfort. My coworkers are envious and will soon be ordering lamps of their own! Wonderful product ...I just have to remember to dim it before looking straight at my coworkers!!

Clark Scott | Amazon Review

Extremely powerful - perfect for working in the attic or under a crawl space. Adjustable swivel.

T.S. | Amazon Review