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This is going to work great when I am wrenching on my motorcycle. Great product.

Daniel Kimrey | Amazon Review

I am very impressed! I was working on my jeep and ran out of daylight. Put this on and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable it was!(Well balanced)The amount of light this puts out is amazing! I was able to finish my project without any other lights. Very happy with this Purchase! I could also light up half my yard and see pretty clearly.

Jairo Ortiz | Amazon Review

This light is very bright and light weight. I am a technician on luxury coaches. These are very large buses with a lot of tight dark area to work in. I need bright light and both of my hands free. This headlamp is perfect for my line of work. Also the use of three AA batteries means longer light use and less battery swaps.

Pat | Amazon Review

I bought this for my husband who works 12 hour night shifts as a mechanic in Alaska. When I received it in the mail I was worried that it wouldn't be bright enough but my husband tried it out and wow! this thing is insanely bright!! He could light up the whole yard in the middle of the night and we could see at LEAST 200 feet no problem. I was impressed! We both recommend this product!

AJ | Amazon Review