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The Waterloo Crossbody Sling Bag from Oxford Station

$ 39.95

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The Perfect Everyday Bag for a Healthy Back and Shoulders

Shoulder bags, work bags, computer bags, and even some crossbody bags weigh heavy on one side of the body, leading to back pain and shoulder tension and actually causing your spine to curve over time.

Oxford Station’s Waterloo Sling Bag is ergonomically designed to balance its weight evenly between both sides of your body, which means your load will be better distributed and won’t fatigue your muscles and joints.

Our chest bag is the perfect size to hold all your essentials over the course of the day, without being too bulky or weighing you down. And whether you choose to wear your sling bag on the back or front of your body, its compartments are always easy to get to. If it’s on your back, simply swing the bag under your arm to access its pockets. Our clean, simple design puts your belongings right at your fingertips. No more rummaging around inside the black hole of your larger bags!

Made from the Most Durable, Longwearing Materials

Unlike stiff, regular leather, which stains and scratches easily, cracks without regular maintenance, and doesn’t have much give to fit your belongings, our sling bag is crafted of premium, ultra durable PU leather, which is weather-resistant, easy to wipe clean with a cloth, and softer and more supple than genuine leather. Our top-grade faux leather looks and smells like the real thing, but is much lower maintenance.

Our sling bag’s strong nylon sling strap can be fully adjusted for all shapes and sizes, with a length that ranges from 34 inches to a maximum of 61 inches.

  • Premium, ultra durable, weather resistant PU leather exterior — looks and smells like the real thing!
  • Strong, high-quality zippers for a smooth, non-catch zip
  • Sturdy and adjustable strap for a variety of body types and sizes (length range: 34”–61”)
  • Headphone port leading to main compartment
  • Roomy, zippered main compartment with smaller zippered pocket inside
  • Mid-sized, zippered front pocket

Makes a Great Travel & Excursion Bag

Backpacks, crossbody bags, and purses leave their zippers and pockets exposed and out of your sight, putting you at risk of pickpocketing when you’re traveling. Our sling bag can easily be worn across the front of your body, resting comfortably over your ribs or hip, where its pockets will be safely under your watch. And because this bag distributes its weight evenly between your shoulders, your load will feel lighter, which means less stress and more energy to enjoy the sights!