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Still breaking this in at the ER. It replaces a Coast headlamp with broken hinge. BRIGHT and comfortable to wear, even during relatively long procedures. Has a more solid feel than Coast product.

A.L. | Amazon Review

My husband says this is the best thing I have ever bought him.

P.W. | Amazon Review

Brightest headlamp ever! Great for ultra running at night.

D.H. | Amazon Review

This is a great headlamp! Extremely bright and I love the focus feature.

T.S. | Amazon Review

This thing is awesome. I do a lot of work in attic and crawlspaces. I tossed all those home Depot head lamps I owned and ordered 4 more of these.

J. | Amazon Review

I have been using head lamps for over 5 years and this is the only one I have liked.  It is obviously constructed so well and the light is so bright (on the high setting) that I began using it to inspect and work in the chimney industry. I would not dare use any of my previous headlamps for that job. So far it has proven to be very durable and I'm still on my first set on batteries! I'm going to buy one for each of my employees.

D.L. | Amazon Review

I have used head lamps of all kind. I use them every morning in a dark rail yard to load my semi. This is the brightest and best built one I have used. Really nice product.

H.G. | Amazon Review

My husband loves to hike and run in the dark and this is wonderful!

C.O. | Amazon Review

This the second one I bought to have one in each vehicle. I use them when inspecting homes and they are bright and work great!

K. | Amazon Review

This thing works great! I used it the day after I received it working on my motorcycle.

R.E. | Amazon Review

This is a great, very bright light. I am a homecare nurse and this comes in very handy in poorly lit situations and when I have to examine hard to see body parts or wounds. Don't ask me to explain...

J.C. | Amazon Review

The light works amazing for multiple things. I have used it for camping, which was amazing, it is so bright i kept spotting eyes looking at us in the fields around us (DEER). I used it for caving and it was amazingly bright and fit on my hard hat perfectly. It doesn't draw a lot of power as i have used it for 5 camping nights and caving for several hours without a battery change. Great product for camping hiking and caving.

S.B. | Amazon Review

I have owned 6 headlamps and this by far the best and brightest.  I use it for ultra running and high end batteries last a long time when you are doing the night portion of a race. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear.

M.V. | Amazon Review

Great light for biking! It is very bright and easy to wear. It throws a powerful beam that you can direct with a turn of the head, which you cant do with a mounted light. My husband loved it for camping. The battery pack holds three AA's so it lasts longer than my other headlamp. I really like the easy focus feature that changes the beam from narrow and intense to broad and wide.

A.M. | Amazon Review

Best headlamp I have ever owned. I would recommend it to anybody thinking about purchasing a headlamp.

J.T. | Amazon Review

This head gear is awesome. Everyone should have one in their car, emergency kit, house. I bought 5!!! Very light weight. Can see down my entire country road at deep dark of nighthands free. Awesome product! Giving one to all of my kids. It is great great great!

L.H. | Amazon Review

The brightest head lamp I've ever seen. Already have 6 friends wanting to order one. Same reaction from everyone I've shown it to "wow I can't believe how bright that is. I want one". Love it!!

J.R. | Amazon Review

As an award-winning director of photography many of our call times are early morning and we have to set up our equipment in the dark. This headlamp seems to be 10 times brighter than the little ones most people wear and much more comfortable. And I like the fact you can adjust the beam's focus so that you can hold something in your hands and work on it or adjust the lamp to shine out at the equipment you're setting up. Every time I go on a shoot crew people by all of my extra headlamps so I bought 10 so far. I'd advise you to buy at least five because everyone of your friends who sees it will want their own. I use it at home to be able to read tiny directions on medication bottles and in my handyman tasks under the house. So glad I bought them.

P.M. | Amazon Review

As an owner of a hunting and fishing guide service quality gear is a must! I have been using this headlamp throughout the 2014 season and it has preformed flawlessly! I really like the ability to change the focus of the light from flood to spotlight with a quick adjustment of the lens. I'm looking to seeing clearly on many more outdoor adventures with this headlamp.

T.F. | Amazon Review

I have used and relied on headlamps for years. Mainly for hunting and camping. I wanted a headlamp that was bright enough to light up coons way up in a tree, good battery life, and not be heavy. Well I found it!!!! This light is extremely bright!!!! And the zoom is incredible!!! I haven't had it in the field yet but I just lighted up a tree in the yard that's about a 100 yds away like I had a big spotlight in my hand.

J.H. | Amazon Review

You will not be disappointed If you're looking for a headlamp that'll light up the path in front of you. The straps are easy to adjust and the lamp is adjustable to get the right tilt / angle as well. I use mine for running on unlit trails and sidewalks at night.

E. | Amazon Review

I discovered it to be so bright it made me gasp at the difference between it and the old el-cheapo I'd thought was adequate before. As I played with the three settings I began to giggle like a kid — the dogs' eyes glowed back at me and I could actually see the rocks instead of falling over them first. I've ordered three more so that guests can use them to find their way along unlit driveways during their visits. I can only hope nobody "forgets" to leave them here when they go.

Q. | Amazon Review

Best light ever !! We use it in the woods & around the house. Most of all we use it on the lake frog gigging , it's the best !! We have 3 now , love them !!

C.S. | Amazon Review

The light is very bright . I use it all the time and have no problem seeing in the dark . I work third shift and catfish at night . I will wear a head lamp out and so far I am loving this one .. O yea . Great costumer service.

W. | Amazon Review

Very bright and goes a very long distance. Brightest headlamp I have seen. It easily outshines $150 headlamps.

B. | Amazon Review

Brightest light I have ever had. Will make my trips thru the woods very easy.

C. | Amazon Review

This has got to be the brightest head light anyone would ever need. Adjustable and very comfortable to wear and bright, bright, bright. The beam is easily adjustable from wide view to spotlight. May buy several more for Christmas presents. Would and have recommend to others

R.S. | Amazon Review

WOW! this headlamp is absolutely the brightest headlamp I have ever seen!!!

T.C. | Amazon Review

These are well made and I'm really taken back by the sheer distance and brightness of the lights. I have a small farm and can easily see out 150 yards and identify my horses in the pasture. This is well worth the price!!

D. | Amazon Review

I have to say, this is the single best headlight I have ever owned or used. The special lens over the cree LED bulb produces a smooth, even spread of light without distracting artifacts. The light is more than bright enough, and the flood setting makes for a clear sight picture as you walk through the woods wearing this light. You will find that you move more easily, even over rougher ground, because of the clarity of the light circle. This headlight uses common "AA" batteries, easy to find, which last a good long time in intermittent use. I've been utilizing this headlight for more than two months of occasional use and I am still on the original set of alkaline batteries. I highly recommend this headlight for camping, nighttime hiking and "trips out to the barn".

W.L. | Amazon Review

Hubby loves this because the light is so incredibly bright. He has purchased all kinds of headlamps ranging in price from $15-$85, but this is his new fave

L.C. | Amazon Review

Got this for Christmas. Holy Moly! It is ultra super bright. The beam is adjustable. When you focus it in all the way, the beam shrinks down and can easily light up objects over 100 yards away. If you broaden the beam, the light is still super bright and is great for adding a broad swath of light to nearby objects. Highly recommended.

B.E. | Amazon Review

I use my headlamp to coon hunt and will be using it to get in my deer stand during season. I find that it has enough light that I can free up my hands and get my trophy. The head band is very comfortable that I eve forget that I'm wearing it. I would recommend it to any outdoor sportsman.

D.C. | Amazon Review

I am very impressed! I was working on my jeep and ran out of daylight. Put this on and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable it was! (Well balanced) The amount of light this puts out is amazing! I was able to finish my project without any other lights. Very happy with this Purchase!

J.O. | Amazon Review

I bought this for my husband who works 12 hour night shifts as a mechanic in Alaska. When I received it in the mail I was worried that it wouldn't be bright enough but my husband tried it out and wow! this thing is insanely bright!! He could light up the whole yard in the middle of the night and we could see at LEAST 200 feet no problem. I was impressed!

E.V. | Amazon Review

This is the best head lamp I have ever used.

L. | Amazon Review

My husband loves it for cutting and gathering wood. Son loves it for hiking. Brightest headlamps we have bought to date. Overall a very good product and would buy again. Well worth the money.

D. | Amazon Review

I am a lineman for a power company. When on night trouble calls, I use a headlight all the time as this leaves my hands free to handle the hot wires. I am impressed by how bright this light is, I can see clearly to the next pole to properly sag the wire in the dark, none of my old headlights could do that. Only draw back is when I face my co-workers to talk to them , they get blinded by it, I just need to remember to turn it off first. Great product.

W.B. | Amazon Review

It is everything they say it is. It is bright and I think it is going to be really great on those light night tracking!!!

C.W. | Amazon Review

As a professional hunter and outdoorsman, I've tried them all.. Most headlamps on the market seem to falsely promise their product. Outdoor Pro Gear definitely stands behind their product. I have spent thousands of dollars on headlamps throughout the year and I've honestly wasted a lot of money. I wish I would of found this product sooner. The quality and durability is phenomenal. The brightness is outstanding and no other headlamps, in my opinion, compare to the LHB-1000. From now on myself and all my staff will only wear this brand of headlamps in and out of the hunting field. Thank you Outdoor Pro Gear for finally providing a product worth using when it comes to providing sufficient light for all means necessary!!

S.J. | Amazon Review

I am a technician on luxury coaches. These are very large buses with a lot of tight dark area to work in. I need bright light and both of my hands free. This headlamp is perfect for my line of work. Also the use of three AA batteries means longer light use and less battery.

P. | Amazon Review

I was a little skeptical with the price point, but the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I decided to roll the dice on this one for summer camping season. Worst case, I would just have to end up getting a new one next season. I was not let down at all. First off, this thing is bright.... BRIGHT!!!! Do not ever shine this in someone's face. We're talking like only slightly less bright than the sun here... Second, this thing is very well made. I don't plan on mistreating mine, but it feels like it could deal with some light abuse. Third, its comfortable, and well balanced. The value relative to the price is more than you will get with ANY other brand of headlamp.

R.M. | Amazon Review

Buy it. Best headlamp I've ever owned. Very bright, zoomable beam. High, low and flashing modes. Very comfortable to wear. I forget I have it on after a few minutes. Fits great over a ballcap. Will be buying more for self and gifts. Wouldn't even think about spending 2x or 3x on the big name headlamps after owning this one. Battery compartment is easy to load and very comfortable to wear. I can brightly light up the top of the high tension power line tower behind my house which is 200+ feet away on high zoom. Awesome light.

J.G. | Amazon Review