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Reviews - Camping & Hiking

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Extremely bright perfect for hunters camping at night.

Cynthia Rodriguez | Amazon Review

I use this light for hiking and work. The ability to focus the beam is very nice.

David Leksell | Amazon Review

Great product. My husband loves to hike and run in the dark and this is wonderful!

Andrea Smith | Amazon Review

There are a lot of bad headlamps out there. Lots... I've gone through several over the years. They've all been too dim, or too flimsy. This is not the case with this product. I was a little skeptical with the price point, but the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I decided to roll the dice on this one for summer camping season. Worst case, I would just have to end up getting a new one next season. I was not let down at all. First off, this thing is bright.... BRIGHT!!!! Do not ever shine this in someones face. We're talking like only slightly less bright than the sun here... Second, this thing is very well made. I don't plan on mistreating mine, but it feels like it could deal with some light abuse. Third, its comfortable, and well balanced.

Robert McIver | Amazon Review

This provides a very bright. This head lamp was perfect for camping and hiking. I used it all during a two week camping trip and it still had batteries left. It was especially useful for a mountain hike I did. This headlamp easily provided more than enough light to illuminate the trail in the middle of the night. This completely outshines everyone else's headlamp.

Alex Jennings | Amazon Review

I used this on a night hike in Yosemite and it was amazingly bright. Much better than than the other headset we had with us. I really liked the adjustable beam. For perspective, it was brighter than a traditional 3 D-Cell Mag Flashlight, about as bright as the newer LED versions. The advantage here is comfort and agility when climbing into terrain. A big bargain from my viewpoint!

C. | Amazon Review

This is THE BEST headlamp I've ever used. I took it camping as a trial run, before elk camp this fall. It was bright enough to light up our entire tent, no lantern needed. I took it outside in the dark to get a drink from the ice chest and it lit up my surrounding area like daylight, I could easily see details around our campsite. I shined it into the distance toward the beach and was shocked at how far it lit up the surroundings. In fact it was so bright another camper, who is also a hunter, came to ask me what brand it was. He ordered one on the spot. I'm sold. This is the only head lamp I'll use frim now on. It's also very comfortable.

Gin C. | Amazon Review