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Reviews - Farm & Animals

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Love it makes taking care of the animals at night a lot easier no more stepping on their tails make the night into day time.

Timothy Chaput | Amazon Review

Great for herding the dogs after dark!

Julia Payne | Amazon Review

These are well made and I'm really taken back by the sheer distance and brightness of the lights. I have a small farm and can easily see out 150 yards and identify my horses in the pasture. This is well worth the price!!

Doug Robichaux | Amazon Review

This headlamp is even better than I expected. Great to use while walking my dog who is up before sunrise.

Richard Hendel | Amazon Review

This is the brightest headlamp I have found so far. At 1000 lumens it is almost double the next closest headlamp I have tried which is 570 lumens. Most headlamps on the market right now are about 200 to 250 lumens. I am so excited to use this headlamp around my farm! I love that I can look out my door and see all the way to my barn - about 1/8 of a mile give or take. I really needed a light like this so I can scare of coyotes who come onto my land at night since I don't have a donkey yet. I like the fact that this headlamp is LED, which means my batteries will last longer - even if I have go to running through fields a few nights in a row. The light itself is able to be adjusted by pulling on it to make it go from a spot beam to a flood beam which will also come in very handy. I like that it has an over the head strap as well, a lot of headlamps I have come across don't and they fall down over my ears and end up around my neck - I will never have that problem with this one.

K. Rushing | Amazon Review