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I bought this for my dad for Father's day. He loves headgear like this. It arrived on time and he said he loves it.

Ryan Dierks | Amazon Review

Bought for husband. He says best light he has ever had. Will not buy anything else.

Belinda Mumford | Amazon Review

I write very few reviews due my Mom saying if you can't say something nice... Well here you go! This Headlamp is absolutely fantastic. Brightness beyond compare. Focused bream will knock squirrels out of trees. Fits well even over a ball cap. Bought three for fathers day gifts and it went over like gangbusters! And it takes AA..... Whats not to want?

Phillip D. | Amazon Review

This was for my dad he loves it will need more and will order from them again.

Ashlee Irons | Amazon Review

Bought as a gift, when I saw how bright it was, I bought one for myself!

George Rankin | Amazon Review

Best hands free head lamp I have purchased. I even purchased two more as gifts.

Cristina Graves | Amazon Review

I ordered the Beacon headlamp as a gift for a nephew who lives cross the country. He has sent me three thank-you messages, so I feel confidant saying that I received the quality product I had hoped for. Thank you.

Andrew Randazzo | Amazon Review

Bought these on a whim and ended up getting three more for gifts. Just as described, super bright, adjustable, lightweight and comfortable.

Stephanie Spinella | Amazon Review

Awesomeness doesn't begin to describe this headlamp! It's comfortable, great battery life and did I mention bright, like surface of the sun bright! I own 3 now and have bought many more as gifts! I highly recommend anyone considering a new headlamp to buy this one... It's a decision you won't forget!!

Jeremy Lyrenmann | Amazon Review

Loved it so much, I had to order another one for my son!

Michael Gambee | Amazon Review