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Reviews - Headlamp & Flashlight Junkie

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Headlamp & Flashlight Junkie

This is the BEST headlamp I own and one of the best flashlights I own (I am somewhat of a flashlight junkie). The product is very well constructed… The brightness is as advertised and it doesn't eat batteries even on highest output. GREAT PRODUCT!!

Tony Baker | Amazon Review

For the price paid this light is awesome! I've had 4 headlamps over the past decade ranging in price from $25 to $100 and this beats them all.

Q. White | Amazon Review

This is The Best quality, Brightest Headlamp. I have owned several headlamps including high dollar ones, and this one far exceeds durability, quality and brightness of any of them. all aluminum construction makes it very durable. Adjustable focus will take it from a broad flood to a nice pinpoint. would highly recommend this headlamp to anyone. Absolutely the best headlamp for the best price!!!

Bryan Boose | Amazon Review

This is the brightest head lamp I have ever seen. I have used $200 spotlights that were not close. This is the first review that I have written because I've never found a product worthy of my time.

Kris Maples | Amazon Review

There are a lot of bad headlamps out there. Lots... I've gone through several over the years. They've all been too dim, or too flimsy. This is not the case with this product. I was a little skeptical with the price point, but the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I decided to roll the dice on this one for summer camping season. Worst case, I would just have to end up getting a new one next season. I was not let down at all. First off, this thing is bright.... BRIGHT!!!! Do not ever shine this in someones face. We're talking like only slightly less bright than the sun here... Second, this thing is very well made. I don't plan on mistreating mine, but it feels like it could deal with some light abuse. Third, its comfortable, and well balanced.

Robert McIver | Amazon Review

As a professional hunter and outdoorsman, I've tried them all.. Most headlamps on the market seem to falsely promise their product. Outdoor Pro Gear definitely stands behind their product. I have spent thousands of dollars on headlamps throughout the year and I've honestly wasted a lot of money. I wish I would of found this product sooner. The quality and durability is phenomenal. The brightness is outstanding and no other headlamps, in my opinion, compare to the LHB-1000. From now on myself and all my staff will only wear this brand of headlamps in and out of the hunting field. Thank you Outdoor Pro Gear for finally providing a product worth using when it comes to providing sufficient light for all means necessary!!

Steven James | Amazon Review