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Reviews - Hunting & Fishing

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Extremely bright perfect for hunters camping at night.

Cynthia Rodriguez | Amazon Review

Hunters pay attention. Very bright. Hunters need this.

Rick McLaughlin | Amazon Review

Best light ever !! We use it in the woods & around the house. Most of all we use it on the lake frog gigging , it's the best !! We have 3 now , love them !!

Cynthia Sibley | Amazon Review

I use my headlamp to coon hunt and will be using it to get in my deer stand during season. I find that it has enough light that I can free up my hands and get my trophy. The head band is very comfortable that I eve forget that I'm wearing it. I would recommend it to any outdoor sportsman.

Dennis Church | Amazon Review

My son hunter and I was looking for a head lamp to get the job done!! Doing all things we do having a reliable head lamp is important gear!! We hunt and trap about everything so gear we choose we use alot. These headlamps seem like there gonna become a great addition to our gear!! thanks from Hoxworthoutdoors.

Eric Hoxworth | Amazon Review

As a professional hunter and outdoorsman, I've tried them all.. Most headlamps on the market seem to falsely promise their product. Outdoor Pro Gear definitely stands behind their product. I have spent thousands of dollars on headlamps throughout the year and I've honestly wasted a lot of money. I wish I would of found this product sooner. The quality and durability is phenomenal. The brightness is outstanding and no other headlamps, in my opinion, compare to the LHB-1000. From now on myself and all my staff will only wear this brand of headlamps in and out of the hunting field. Thank you Outdoor Pro Gear for finally providing a product worth using when it comes to providing sufficient light for all means necessary!!

Steven James | Amazon Review

3rd one I have bought. Great product Hunters you have to get one.

Rick McLaughlin | Amazon Review

Love it. I spend everyday outdoors hunting/fishing. Buying another one today.

Brandy Mellenthin | Amazon Review

Outdoors Pro Gear's Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is the best headlamp you will ever find! It's perfect for checking your livestock, catfishing, tracking, keeping in your truck for emergencies, anything you may need a light for. I now have 3, and will never go searching for a light again!

Dawn Martin | Amazon Review

Very bright beam with viewing for a long distance. Good for hunting. Ordered for son, now husband wants one.

Gaitri Benny | Amazon Review

Bright as s*** perfect for hunting or hiking at night which is what I use it for.

Robert Alavi | Amazon Review

I was pleasantly surprised with this headlamp. It's the best headlamp I've ever used! The 1000 lumens is more than bright enough for any task at hand. It has adjustability everywhere and looks to be made with high quality components. It's wide beam is great for tracking game or anything that needs a wide beam if light. The narrow beam is pinpoint accurate for lighting up smaller things at a greater distance. I'm VERY pleased with it and look forward to it being one of my can't leave home without it items for years to come. Thanks Outdoor Pro Gear!!

Keith Lageman | Amazon Review

Used it for Grunion run and worked even when splashed by the ocean. Super bright and totally worth the price. Great product.

Star Jeong | Amazon Review

This head lamp is awesome. Now my husband and I have to rush to see who gets it first. He wants it for outdoor guy stuff, like walking out to his deer stand in the dark or night fishing. I want it for my sewing and close work.

Donna Burback | Amazon Review

Excellent headlight. I am a duck hunter and this light was incredible in the South Louisiana marsh. The best part is that it tilts and I did not even know that feature existed. I would go back to this seller anytime. They did everything they said they would do. No complaints.

William Wilkinson | Amazon Review

This is a great light can not get over how bright it is you will not be disappointed in this item I use it for fishing and it's great.

Thomas Guy | Amazon Review

Great lamp as this is for my husband to use during hunting trips.

Rosalie Sartoretti | Amazon Review

Love this headlamp. Very bright for what I need... I used it for a few hours catfishing at night and it stayed bright the entire time. The headlamp if very comfortable on my head and does not feel heavy at all. So far, this is my favorite out of 4 different headlamps I have purchased on Amazon.

J. Foreback | Amazon Review

This is the brightest headlamp I've ever owned. I'm very impressed with it. I use it for duck hunting and so far it has survived the torture testing of 1 season in the duck boat. -Michael Costa This headlamp is by far the best headlamp I've owned! Have owned multiple in the past but I won't go back. Very easy to use, adjust and all around bright as s**t! Ended up buying a couple for my hunting buddies and they are just as satisfied! Great product, I recommend it to anyone involved in the outdoors, the construction trades or just around the house. Thank you for this great product and keep up the good work!!

Travis Nadeau | Amazon Review

Outdoor Pro Gear has made my outdoor life much more enjoyable with "The Best LED Headlamp! I have bought my husband several different brands of headlamps to use, and have never once thought of how much easier my life could be if I would purchase one for myself. I don't know why I hadn't purchased one for myself a long time ago. I am super excited that I choose to buy this one for me. My husband is now jealous, and unappreciative of the ones I had purchased for him. I took my headlight on our latest fishing trip, and I will never go again without it. This baby is BRIGHT! It has as much if not more power than our mag light, flash lights. The adjustable straps allows you to adjust the headlamp until it fits comfortable and snug. I wore mine for over four hours, and not one time did I have to readjust it. The headlamp is attached to a movable piece. You can change the position with the ease of one hand, so you don't have to put down what you may be carrying or holding in your other hand. You can also adjust the telescope zoom from wide-angle floodlight to a narrow-focus spotlight. There are modes of lighting that are changeable by pushing the button on top of the headlamp. Again, you can do this with one hand. The headlamps that I have purchased for my husband, slip and move, when he tries to change any setting on them.

Lori Hudson | Amazon Review