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Reviews - Running

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Great product. My husband loves to hike and run in the dark and this is wonderful!

Andrea Smith | Amazon Review

Just used this at the Canadian Death Race. It was awesome. In fact several death racers stuck with me because they said my headlamp was so much brighter than theirs.

Stephen Cadieux | Amazon Review

I bought this lamp around 2 months ago and I have been using it for several hours per week. I can say that I am totally satisfied with this product. I have been looking for a bright, comfortable headlamp that I could use for jogging and inline skating at night and i think that I found the perfect product! The lamp is super bright, illuminating the street nicely and allows me to go fast with my inline skates. When jogging I can now run on grassy areas without risking to overlook a bump and to twist my ankle! In addition, the lamp is comfortable to wear. The distribution of the lamp and the battery pack on opposite sides makes it well balanced. I usually forget about wearing it pretty guickly during my workout. The possibility to adjust the diameter of the illuminated area and the angle of the lamp are nice features. I can totally recommend this headlamp!

Divico | Amazon Review

Extremely powerful... Adjustable swivel. Works great for a late night or a very early morning run through the woods. I usually leave it angled slightly up for my runs. It also has multiple settings that I haven't really had to use.

T.S. | Amazon Review

The light quality and quantity IS truly solid, it creates a brilliant, consistent pool of bluish white light instead of a pin point, that fades out to the sides. I really like the ability to focus the beam from a wide circle to a smaller square of light to allow for more focus. The overall design of the headset is comfortable and adjustable so I can turn my head in any direction or orientation without falling off. Most importantly, the lamp can be worn securely and is still comfortable. I wore it on an hour and a half run and it didn't rub, press, or create pressure points that made me need to shift, adjust, or reposition it; it felt fine the entire time. I have also worn it while tackling the Incline in Manitou Springs going through heavy mist/low clouds and very light rain without any problems from the moisture. I was in the fog for about 55 minutes all told, and didn't have any issues. I will give updates if I notice any changes in the future.

Jeff Walters | Amazon Review

Brightest headlamp ever! Great for ultra running at night.

Drina H. | Amazon Review

Headlamp worked great for the Ragnar Tahoe Trail Relay race I needed it for! Others I passed during the race commented on how bright the headlamp was, and I had no problem running through the forest on challenging technical trails. Many other runners tried to stay with me due to the clarity on the trail from the headlamp. My night race times were not measurably slower than the daytime loop times. Headlamp is not overly bulky or heavy. I was able to run with it comfortably, wearing it over a baseball cap (I always run in a baseball cap). However, I'm not sure the baseball cap is absolutely necessary to keep the headlamp stable - the straps are easily adjustable and should do well on their own. Another plus is that the headlamp runs on standard batteries (4xAA) which can be replaced. In remote locations, rechargeable battery powered lights can weigh less - but I prefer the ability to replace batteries and keep going, when a recharging station is not available. Overall, I am very happy with this headlamp. This is one of the brightest on the market (about 5X brighter than most other headlamps recommended for running), and at a great price!

STP | Amazon Review