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My husband needed this to see when working in hard to light areas. It is very bright and will give him plenty of light to see what he is working on.

Robin Sweeny | Amazon Review

Still breaking this in at the ER. It replaces a Coast headlamp with broken hinge. BRIGHT and comfortable to wear, even during relatively long procedures. Has a more solid feel than Coast product.

A.R. | Amazon Review

I like the clear view I have when working on live circuits on the job.

Tom G. | Amazon Review

I am a lineman for a power company. When on night trouble calls, I use a headlight all the time as this leaves my hands free to handle the hot wires. I am impressed by how bright this light is, I can see clearly to the next pole to properly sag the wire in the dark, none of my old headlights could do that.

W.B. | Amazon Review

This the second one I bought to have one in each vehicle. I use them when inspecting homes and they are bright and work great!

Kevin | Amazon Review

This is the headlamp i have been looking for. I am an electrician and too often work in dark no electricity areas. I have had other headlamps and once you get passed an arm length away the light fades. i bought this sight unseen and it is great. A nice long wide beam of bright light.

Ron Lincicum | Amazon Review

This headlamp puts out some serious light. I am an electrical contractor @ Coors in Golden, CO. Many areas there have dim light for what I do. With this light I can easily read schematics, bend conduit and get any work necessary done with ease.

Jason Wilcox | Amazon Review

Great set of headlamps, Good fit, had a repair job the day I received them, loved the brightness and the adjustable angle of the beam as well as the adjustable brightness and size of beam. Because of my eye sight these Headlamps are going to make repairs much easier for me.

Edgar Breen | Amazon Review

I purchased this for doing cleanup after public Fireworks shows. As it is well after dark when the fireworks have been fired, and many times we are where there is no lighting, a good headlamp is needed to see what you are doing as we do cleanup. Most lights have a small bright spot in the middle with it getting dimmer as you get away from the center. This light has a very consistent wide flood that is very bright.

Ernie | Amazon Review

I love this LED Headlamp, very comfortable to wear and very bright, wide beam is plenty of light especially doing mechanical work.

Cadillac Jack | Amazon Review