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Old Glory Edition - Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp

$ 39.95

Taking Headlamps to the Next Level

Don't settle for weak, unreliable headlamps that don’t hold a charge, aren’t bright enough, or just stop working after a few uses. This sturdy, water-resistant headlamp provides ultra bright, long-lasting light output, to keep up with you on your most rugged adventures.

No more waiting around for your headlamp to charge! Rechargeable headlamps are a hassle, sometimes requiring hours of charging and then conking out or dimming quickly during use. Our headlamp is AA battery powered, so you can just grab it and go. With three AA batteries, our high-powered headlamp will run strong for up to 30 hours!

Frustrated with dim lights? This bad boy provides ultra bright light that often surprises our customers. While most headlamps have a flat lens that doesn’t magnify their light, the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 is a zoomable headlamp with a convex lens that produces an amplified, super bright circle of light in 3 modes – High, Medium, and Low – so you can see clear and far in the dark.

Rugged & Durable

Made of aero aluminum alloy and ABS, the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 has a waterproof rating of IP44.

Laser Zoom

With a quick pull of your telescoping zoom, you'll get a strong, narrow beam of focused light that travels even farther into the distance, for long-range visibility.

Unique Magnifying Lens

Unlike other headlamps with a flat lens, our custom round lens magnifies the light, making it a LOT brighter and more powerful than other headlamps. That means you can see a whole lot better!

German Engineering

The Lighthouse Beacon 1000 uses a German-engineered LED light - the Osram P8, tested and rated at 9,500 LUX.

Fully Adjustable

Tilts, zooms and adjusts to conform perfectly to your head. Not your average hardware store headlamp!


High - Medium - Low (No strobe!!!)

Run Times

  • High - 8 hours
  • Medium - 15 hours
  • Low - 28 hours

Designed in the vivid colors of the American flag, the Old Glory edition headlamp represents the freedom, independence, and beauty of our great country. The red, white, and blue patriotic colors represent the key values of our Founding Fathers:

  • RED for bravery and strength
  • WHITE for harmony, peace, and innocence
  • BLUE for justice, vigilance, and perseverance


CLICK HERE to download our detailed instruction guide for the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp.

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