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Lighthouse Beacon 1000 & Camper Beacon 200 Combo Pack (BLACK)

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Lighthouse Beacon 1000 & Camper Beacon 200 Combo Pack (BLACK)

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This is the FAMOUS Outdoor Pro Gear Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp and the Camper Beacon 200 Flashlight & Camping Lantern Combo.

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  • HEADLAMP, FLASHLIGHT & CAMP LANTERN All-in-one package. As far as lighting goes, this is everything you need for your camping trip and the great outdoors.
  • OUTDOOR PRO GEAR'S FAMOUS LIGHTHOUSE BEACON 1000 Headlamp. This a truly amazing headlamp and has earned it's place on several hunting teams and has led the way in many ultra-marathons and extreme races. 
  • OUTDOOR PRO GEAR'S CAMPER BEACON 200 Flashlight & Camping Lantern All-In-One. The Camper Beacon might be small but it's also mighty! As a flashlight it will guide you to your tent and as a lantern it will light it up for you. 
  • MADE OF AERO-ALUMINUM. Durable & Rugged. When you're in the outdoors camping, hiking and backpacking, you want your gear constructed well and made to last. We also make our products affordable because we think that every outdoorsman should be able to own the best gear.
  • NOT JUST FOR CAMPING. The uses for this combo are endless. It's perfect for your auto emergency kit or earthquake kit. It's the perfect survival gear and is a great addition to any disaster kit.

Headlamp, Flashlight AND Tent Lantern

All the lighting you need for your camping trip with one simple purchase.

* Are you tired of buying cheap plastic headlamps and flashlights that break?
* Is your headlamp not bright enough to see what's lurking in the shadows?
* Is your camping lantern big, bulky and takes up too much space or won't fit in your backpack?

The great outdoors is a rugged place. You need rugged gear.

* Our gear is made from aero-aluminum so that it can take whatever the outdoors dishes out.
* Our lights are extremely bright and use convex lens focusing technology for even light distribution.
* The Camper Beacon 200 Flashlight and Camping Lantern is small but powerful. It's not going to take up much room in your backpack.

The Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Loves The Outdoors

*"Bought for husband. He says best light he has ever had. Will not buy anything else." - B.M.
*"I ordered the Beacon headlamp as a gift for a nephew who lives cross the country. He has sent me three thank-you messages." - A.R.

These Aren't Just For Camping

* No matter the emergency, we've got your back. In your car, home or office, emergency lighting is essential and this combo is the perfect addition to every emergency kit.
* Be prepared for anything. Unfortunately emergencies and disasters do occur. We can't control them, but we can be prepared for them. This combo is the perfect lighting solution for every preparedness kit.

Uses 3-AA & 3-AAA Batteries. (Not included)

Get the Famous Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp and it's new companion, the Camper Beacon 200 Flashlight and Camping Lantern Combo. Just add to cart now and have your gear in just a matter of days!


CLICK HERE to download our detailed instruction guide for the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 Headlamp.


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